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What clients say

Rating & Reviews

"Working with Nina enables me to reflect and understand my thought patterns and resulting actions. It's incredible how much clarity and structure this brings me. I am getting to know myself better and better and have more clarity on my wishes, goals and how to communicate these. Our sessions leave me feeling inspired, empowered and well prepared for things to come!"

Michelle, 38 
Sales Manager

"The coaching sessions with Nina always bring me overall clarity and valuable inspiration - for every day life and the next step. She has this special ability to listen and recognise the essence of things. When I'm lacking clear vision, I know she will be able to help me see clearly again. I especially appreciate the way she combines heart and mind, so down-to earth and so helpful!"

Sinah, 31
Yoga Instructor & Entrepreneur

After intense and moving coaching sessions with Nina, I see and feel my intentions concerning my work so much clearer. Our work not only resulted in a better understanding of my role and value as an employee but also of myself in general.
Nina has the amazing talent to reveal your inner strength in an incredibly efficient, empowering and lasting way. I’m deeply grateful for this experience - thank you!

Sophie, 33
Medical Doctor

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